A Christmas Wish Come True

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A Christmas Wish Come True

In the small village between the mountains, gifts, and decorations were made by hand with love.

My grandmother used to decorate the Christmas tree with candies wrapped in shiny paper, with nuts, apples and sometimes quinces. She baked all sorts of cookies and bagels for the holidays and hung some of those on the green branches as well. There were no fancy decorations, no angel figurines or colored tinsel in the universe of a small village guarded by tender mountains and wild forests. The gifts were neither expensive or extravagant.

There was always a little note under the Christmas tree, which my grandmother wrote by hand… every year, she would put on that piece of paper her wishes for me: to be wise, to do well in school, to respect and cherish our family, to grow up remembering the beautiful moments we had together. There were no digital cameras or smartphones at that time, so the only way to record the magic moments we spent on holidays or during my school-breaks was just to keep them in mind, Forever.

She couldn’t write anymore due to a disease that took her eyesight.

One day, my grandmother couldn’t write anymore because she had lost her sight to a cruel disease. Even to this day, I miss her notes under the Christmas tree. At Christmas Eve, she told me she wished she could have written all the good thoughts she had for me and the rest of the family and store them someplace safe from where we could get them every Christmas, even after she would no longer be with us.

All there’s left now is the memory of those notes and her wishes (some of which have become true). Now, I am the one writing letters for the people I love and placing them under the Christmas tree, every year. Of course, nowadays technology comes to our help and lets us take as many pictures as we want to capture our magic moments and keep them stored for many years to come. And technology has also offered me the solution to send my good thoughts to the future, thus making my grandma’s dream possible.

Now I can make sure everyone will receive my good wishes for them no matter what.

When the news about the possibility of sending a gift or a letter to the future first came to my knowledge, I thought: “Well, that’s amazing!” It is the perfect occasion to make sure that no matter what happens to me, my words, best wishes and loving thoughts for my family will always accompany them, arriving at their doorsteps just before Christmas.

I wrote letters for all the beautiful people I care for.

So I took my time and wrote short letters for all the beautiful people that I care for; I wrote some of them by hand and some by using the digital desk from my free “Gifts to the Futureaccount. I also picked out a few small gifts (photo albums, handmade jewelry or vintage objects) and “programmed” them to be delivered to my beloved ones during the years to come.

Once I did that, I felt absolute serenity and joy. I thought about my grandmother’s wish and about how happy she would have been if she’d had the opportunity to do what I had just done. It is fantastic how the evolution of technology can help us conserve the small, simple gestures which bring so much emotion and amusement as well!

No matter what happens to me, my gifts and letters will reach the people I love even ten years from now. If I’m still there for them, we will enjoy those magic moments together. If not, they will remember me by and treasure the tokens of my affection.

I can’t wait for this Christmas to come! My first batch of gifts and letters will arrive on December 24th and I am so anxious to see the surprise and happiness they will bring! It will definitely be magical – the kind of moment that people remember forever.

Signed, sealed and delivered: Veronica Woods

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