Building a Legacy

“Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones.
A legacy is etched into the minds of others
and the stories they share about you.”
(Shannon L. Alder)

There’s one moment in every person’s life when a simple but profound question springs:

What do I leave behind to speak on my behalf and remind others of me? 

Society teaches us to get an education, get a job, build a career, and have a family. And when we mark “checked” on all of those, what comes next? Wise thinkers suggest we should have at least one more box to check after achieving all that society demands from us: leave a legacy – do something that will hold over a pleasant memory of us for our heirs and friends. 

No matter what we choose to do with our lives or how high we wish to get, we all come to the point when we feel the need to pass on our wisdom, knowledge or experience – or only just our love, appreciation, and respect.

Delivering the essence of our life to future generations is an intense and absolute human desire.

We love teaching our children all the things we believe might help them understand life and grow up beautifully. We love sharing our story with them and guide them through theirs.

Even if we give it all to living the moment, we still keep sight of the future when we make the most of our lives. It’s our nature. 

A world-renowned author and businessman, Stephen Covey, has intensively promoted a simple rule for a fulfilled life: “Live. Love. Laugh. Leave a legacy.” Now you have the option to decide upon that legacy, years before it will be revealed: send something to the future – whether a letter, a message or a gift – by using the first time-capsule for emotions. You can address letters or presents to your loved ones or to all your friends, even to their children. 

Just pick a date along the next ten years and build your legacy by sending a part of you to the future.

The simplest ideas or gestures usually have the most significant impact on the ones we wish to surprise or impress. Imagine your off-to-college kid receiving a letter before his first exams, with soothing words encouraging him not to be scared. Or think of the surprise on your granddaughter’s face when getting a fantastic gift for her sweet sixteen!  

There are so many possibilities and occasions to leave your mark by sending a gift to the future that it is genuinely impossible to come down to just a few examples. There’s no limit to your imagination! Even though at this moment we can store your gift or letter for ten years at most before sending them, we do intend to increase that time interval up to 40 years.

Sending gifts to the future is an ever-growing service: it will evolve and develop according to your needs and desires. We shaped it in line with our dreams and necessities, but from now on you will be part of its development as well. We challenge all limits together, aiming for the same purpose: to leave an out-of-the-box legacy.

An old proverb says: “We will be known forever by the tracks we leave.”

What better reason to make sure that we leave a truly unique and remarkable track?

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