How to Create Your Free Account


Sending gifts and letters by using ”Gifts to the Future” is extremely simple if you follow a few essential steps. The first one is to Register which will allow you to give us all the necessary information to make sure that your gift, letter or e-letter will arrive safely at their destination in the future.


Complete the User Profile


Join our website,, and complete a User Profile. Choose a username and a password and make sure that you have a functional e-mail address to receive account information on it. Provide accurate and complete information about you.


Accept the Terms and Conditions


We encourage everyone to read our “Terms and Conditions” section carefully because it provides valuable knowledge about the process, the need for confidentiality regarding your data and how our system works if we suspect that someone else is using your account.


By entrusting us with your gift or letter, you agree to a legal contract based on which we will provide a service for you. Click to accept the “Terms of Conditions” when you create your account. Keep in mind that you can register as an individual, representing yourself or someone else, but not as a company, entity, or organization.


Set a Security Protocol Password (SPP)


You need to set a Security Protocol Password as well, which has an evident role: it allows you to alter, modify, or cancel a delivery, for specific reasons. Never transfer your security password to anyone else unless you are confident they won’t use it with evil-minded intentions. The SPP will be asked to you in case you want to cancel or modify a delivery which has already been paid for.


Activate Your Account


Once you have completed all requested fields, make sure you check your e-mail for the confirmation of your free account being created. The e-mail confirmation of your account may be in your spam folder. Click on the link you will receive and log in to Check your “Settings” and then go to the “Recipient / Next of Kin” section.


Next of Kin


We respectfully ask the name and contact details of a Next of Kin which should be a relative or close friend of the Recipient. Why do we need such information? We are aware of the fact that locating the Recipient at a future date may be challenging so we may need some extra help to complete the job.


Only if necessary, we will contact the Next of Kin to check on the right address of the Recipient. Our only purpose is to locate the receiver of your gift or letter and make the delivery to them at the chosen date that you have indicated.


Provide One or Several Recipients


Offer us the right information about the Recipient (or recipients) – the person to whom we will deliver your gift or letter. It is vital that such information should be correct; otherwise, the entire service might be corrupted from the start. We will need names, dates of birth, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.


You can update those data anytime you consider necessary (for instance, if you know about a change of address or the social media account). Just remember that the success of the final delivery depends on the clarity and correctness of the information you provide.


At all times, please keep in mind that we need clear and valid data to make sure that your delivery will be successful. The data you have entrusted us with will not be used for any other purposes.


Now choose what you wish to deliver (a gift, a letter, or an e-letter) and join the specific section.


How to Send a Letter

How to Send a Gift

How to Send an E-Letter


Please check our FAQ section for any further questions.