The e-Letter is a modern concept in letter writing. By using our e-Letter service you can type your letter on our portal, select a special font, and choose a wax seal and a paper color. We will print the letter according to your specifications, seal it with the selected wax seal color, and send it to the Recipient at the selected future date.

Yes, you can. After cancelling your service the refund will be calculated and reimbursed to you.

Our service allows you to draft an e-Letter and adjust it any way you want, before payment. After the payment, your e-Letter will be encrypted and stored, thus the edit option will not be available. You can only cancel your e-Letter or update the Recipient’s address.

Undoubtedly yes! Our service focuses on delivering emotional value through time, we encourage you to choose Gifts that would carry your feelings and thoughts, regardless of the time of their delivery. As to the Letters, they have no age – in fact, they become even more valuable with time.

Gifts to the Future® automatically redirects the money allocated for deliveries to an account that acts as a trust fund. The necessary amount will be unblocked closely before delivery, ensuring the necessary budget for a successful delivery. If other “force majeure” situations occur, we will focus on the best solution under the circumstances, using all the necessary and legal means to deliver your Gift or Letter.

Gifts to the Future® has selected the best storage options after considering various factors such as safety, security, temperature, pest control and damage risks. We will make sure that no harm will come to your Gifts or Letters.

You can change the contact details by navigating to My Gifts & Letters on your account and by selecting the desired service; all you need to do next is edit the Recipient/Next of Kin contact details.

Gifts to the Future® is committed to delivering your Gift or Letter to the Recipient as a surprise. We will only contact the Recipient as a last resort in order to validate the delivery address if You (the Sender) and Next of Kin cannot be contacted.

Gifts to the Future® promises to deliver all your Gifts and Letters according to your instructions. To make sure that YOU and only YOU instruct us to do so, we added a second form of authentication called Security Protocol Password.

You will be asked to provide the SPP in case you would like to cancel or modify a delivery that is already been paid for.

Yes, you can cancel a delivery by using your Security Protocol Password. Your Gift or Letter will be returned accordingly.

Yes, you can request a price offer for such gifts directly from our support team. We encourage you to contact our support team if your item is larger than the indicated values.

Currently, our maximum storage period covers ten years. You (the Sender) have the option to request a delay (to postpone a delivery) and to increase the storage period if needed. The new request and payment should be discussed with our support team, which will handle your request.

The Next of Kin represents the closest person or the legal representative of the Recipient. We will only contact the Next of Kin if You (the Sender) are unreachable.

People do regularly change their address. More data means more ways to validate the Recipient’s address before delivery.

We have created a system that only allows the sending of Gifts and Letters to the future if the contact forms from three sources have been completed: Sender, Next of Kin and Recipient. Our investigative procedure works as follows: one month before the delivery, we contact You (the Sender) to confirm the delivery and to validate the address for the Recipient. If You are unreachable, we contact the Next of Kin and we validate the Recipient’s address focusing on maintaining the element of surprise. Ultimately, we can contact the Recipient directly – if all other means have been exhausted – in order to obtain a valid delivery address.

The payment receipt contains the printable delivery address of our HQ. Just print the receipt and attach the address slip on the parcel when sending it to us.