How To Be Happy

How to be Happy

“There is no path to happiness. Happiness is the path.” (Buddha)


Can we find happiness?

People from all around the world have a fixation for the idea of happiness. Most of us probably have wondered at least once in their lifetime “Will I ever be happy?”


We usually think of happiness as something that should come from someplace else, not from within us. Sometimes we overlook the fact that we have so many happy moments in our lives that we should, in fact, consider ourselves lucky.


What is happiness

What is happiness for most people? A great job? A well-paid one? Money? Traveling the world? A family, lots of children, maybe or a strong relationship with their partner?  House, a car, or other material possessions?


It could be all of the above; it could be one of them, it could be none.


Each of us is chasing one dream or another, hoping that catching it will make them happy. And we forget the simple yet true analogy so easily put into words by a movie character (The Joker): “We are all like dogs chasing cars, and wouldn’t know what to do with one if we caught it.”


What’s the secret to happiness?


What could we do to feel happiness in our lives and hold on to it, hold on to that feeling that we wish for during our entire life?


First, maybe we should stop defining happiness. It’s such an elusive concept, after all! Tons of papers have been written on the matter and still, there’s no universal answer. Remember that your happiness could mean somebody else’s sorrow. And we all find so different things that make us happy, in so many various ways!


Second, perhaps it would be a good idea to stop looking for something “big”, as happiness is usually in small, unique moments and gestures. For instance, the smile on your lover’s face when you give her (or him) a gift. Or, the sincere joy of a child receiving a toy he wanted. Happiness is holding hands with someone you love or care for; happiness is learning from your elders about how the world used to be when you weren’t even born yet.


Such things usually last for a minute, even less, one might argue. That’s entirely true – the shortest moments are usually the most intense ones. But here comes the secret: you can capture that moment of pure bliss and hold on to it in your heart, forever. You can remember it over and over again, any time you want, and use it to change your day and your spirit when darkness is all around you.


Capture the little moments!



Gifts to the Future Legacy

Gifts to the Future

A walk in the park, a touch of the hands, a kiss under the sunset, the hug of a child – whatever makes your heart throbbing with joy! That’s happiness and you can relive it anytime you want if you only close your eyes and remember the moment. Let the happy times be their own legacy, let them grow in your mind, your memory, your heart.


That’s the thing about being happy. It grows in you. It’s like a kind of magic which you can’t explain. It becomes part of you and, moment after moment, memory after memory, it will set the path for a constant state of peace of mind and good spirits for you. You will overcome obstacles easily knowing that you have so much happiness inside you, deeply treasured.


Happiness is “letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like”, enjoying the “little things in life” or  “choosing what to accept and what to let go.”


The definitions of happiness could go on and on


In the end, happiness is whatever makes your heart thrill. And that’s the feeling you should hold on to and remember for the rest of your life. Sometimes, only one moment of pure bliss can nurture an entire living, if the intensity should be so high that nothing else would ever compare to it.


Always remember that everybody wants happiness, nobody wants the rain, but… you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain!

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