How To Choose the Perfect Gifts

How to Choose the Perfect Gifts


We seem to face the same quest for every event: finding the perfect gifts for our loved ones – the members of our family and our closest friends. We wish our presents to be different from those before; we want them to be surprising, original, and to bring joy to the ones we give them with all our love.

The Perfect Gift

Yes, finding THE PERFECT GIFT for someone can be hard. It may seem easy to ask your family members what they want as a gift, but in reality, you’ll most likely get the answer “nothing, just your presence would be enough!” And you’re back to where you started. So you need some guiding lines to help you identify the perfect gifts for your beautiful family. Here are a few basic tricks which you could find useful – consider it a “gift-searching kit” and use it anytime you need:

Make a list

You’re not Santa, we know, but making a list is always a great idea. The file should be made for each person in your family and should contain all the things in which the person is interested in and define them as individuals. Write down as many items as you can think of! Try to assign various gifts to each defining feature you put on the list for every person. You won’t necessarily give those gifts, but the exercise will help you get some fresh ideas for a truly remarkable gift.

Consider their needs

Think about what each member of your family would need most this year. Everyone needs something, even if they say they don’t. The key is to think beyond the distinct needs or goals of someone. Let us give you an example: a very busy person might tell you that the gift they need the most would be time. So how do you give someone the gift of time? Well, you could find products, services, and apps that help people run their lives more efficiently and thus gaining time for them. The trick is to think outside the box!

Do a bit of stalking 🙂

If you can check the wish-list that your family members keep on an online store, for instance, you might get some useful ideas about what they desire. Or maybe pay a little more attention to what they post on Facebook? Browse their posting history and find some clues! The same goes for a Pinterest account, where you can see what they like and might be interested in. That would be the only type of stalking we encourage – and with the sole purpose of finding the perfect gift!

gifts to the future family Christmas reunion

Gifting is an experience

Creative packaging can have a spectacular contribution to your surprise gift. Forget about the regular wrapping paper and turn the handing of the present into a unique experience! There are several ways you could do that:

  • Create a treasure hunt for the gifts (with funny clues);
  • Put the real gift into a giant stuffed animal and challenge the recipient to take it out without harming the big toy;
  • Send the gift to the future: Buy it now and have it delivered through Gifts to the Future services at a specific moment in time that you will choose so that the joy and surprise would be at their highest.

Be funny

Even if your gifts are serious and practical, don’t forget that the way someone receives a gift is worth more than the gift itself. So think of funny ways to deliver your presents because that’s what your loved ones will surely remember for years – the “how I got this.”

The personal touch

Include a bit of yourself in all the gifts you choose to give. Personalize the presents, so the people you love will always remember that those gifts came from you. You can either craft something if you’re good at making things with your hands or find any other way to include yourself in the gifts. It can be a simple hand-written card that you send along with the present.

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