How to Send a Free Letter to the Future


Chart explaining the service of Free Letters or typing the letters online to be sent by email to recipient

The tutorial for planning Free E-Letters to arrive at a specific future date – up to 5 years.


Please check our “How to Create Your Free Account” article first.


Writing Free Letters opens a line of communication between the Present and the Future. Gifts to the Future helps to send your Letters across time.


Take advantage of our writing mood environment by typing your letter right here. Your E-Letter will be stored electronically and will be delivered by email  on the selected due day.


Add an E-Letter by clicking the + Button on Your Dashboard


You will come across two options:


A) I have my Letter prepared or B) Write a Letter.


If you wrote your Letter by hand, please read “How to send a Letter”.

If you want to write and send an E-Letter, choose the second option, and follow the next steps.


Pick a Desk

Your mood is important and can help in the creation of your Letter. You can choose the perfect desk to write on, as you are capturing moments and emotions for your loved ones.

Wax Seal Color

N/A for Free Service

Choose the Paper Color

Pick the paper color that you like the most.

Choose a Writing Font

Find and select a Font suited to your style. You can change the font at any point during your writing process.


The options that you choose will define your free letter.


Type your Letter


Take all the time you need to put down your words. Your work is autosaved in the “Drafts” segment of your account.


Indicate the Delivery Date / Recipient / Next of Kin


Choose the date when you wish to have your E-Letter delivered. Indicate the correct Recipient, the Next of Kin and store your Free Letter. The Letter wil be encrypted for the storage time and decrypted for email delivery.



Storage and Delivery



We will send your Free E-Letter by email, using the font, paper color, and wax seal color that you have selected.


How to Register

How to Send a Letter

How to Send a Gift


Please check our FAQ section for any further questions.