How to Send an E-Letter to the Future


Chart explaining the service of E-Letters or typing the letters online to be printed and sent by Mail to recipient

The tutorial for planning E-Letters to arrive at a specific future date – up to 10 years.


Please check our “How to Create Your Free Account” article first.


Writing E-Letters opens a line of communication between the Present and the Future. Gifts to the Future helps to send your Letters across time.


Take advantage of our writing mood environment by typing your letter right here. Your E-Letter will be stored electronically and will be delivered in paper format on the selected due day.


Add an E-Letter by clicking the + Button on Your Dashboard


You will come across two options:


A) I have my Letter prepared or B) Write a Letter.


If you wrote your Letter by hand, please read “How to send a Letter”.

If you want to write and send an E-Letter, choose the second option, and follow the next steps.


Pick a Desk


Your mood is important and can help in the creation of your Letter. You can choose the perfect desk to write on, as you are capturing moments and emotions for your loved ones.


Choose the Paper Color


Pick the paper color that you like the most.

We will print your E-Letter on the paper color that you choose for delivery.


Wax Seal Color


Colors are important and suggestive. You can decide on the wax seal to be used for your letter.

Sealing your Letter with a beautifully colored wax will make it even more special for the person to whom you wish to send it.


Choose a Writing Font


Find and select a Font suited to your style. You can change the font at any point during your writing process.


Write your Letter


Take all the time you need to put down your words. Your work is autosaved in the “Drafts” segment of your account.


Indicate the Delivery Date / Recipient / Next of Kin


Choose the date when you wish to have your E-Letter delivered. Indicate the correct Recipient, the Next of Kin and agree to the payment. The payment has to be made in advance, as it includes the storage of your Gift, the address validation for the Recipient and the Postal Delivery for your Gift.


Make the Payment


Once you have agreed to the payment, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of it and an invoice number (ex: G050620019/000001/0001). The invoice number will identify the parcel once it arrives at our HQ. You can choose to print the invoice as it contains our storage address or you can write the address yourself on the parcel, including the invoice number.


Storage and Delivery


After the process of writing the Letter is complete, and the payment is made, the Letter will be stored electronically until the delivery due date.

We will print your E-Letter before shipment, using the font, paper color, and wax seal color that you have selected.


You can make changes once the delivery is ordered and paid for, by logging into your account and using your Security Protocol Password.


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