Colour​s of Emotion

Gift to the Future colours of emotion

Colour​s of Emotion

Life is made up of an incredible variety of colors. They speak about our feelings, they trigger our emotions; sometimes, they even express a message better than we could have done it with words. 

When we created the time-capsule for emotions meant to deliver your message and gifts to the future, we thought about the meaning of colors and how they enrich the written word. Thus, we chose to provide not just one shade but several so you could pick one according to your preferences or the tone of your message.  

As writing requires a particular state of mind, we developed a few simple options to offer you that unique mood which will let the words flow and become legacy. You can choose a desk in four different tones, from worn-out white or black to warm shades of brown wood. White speaks to us about perfection, innocence, and purity, about light, safety and faith. 

Black, on the other hand, stands for elegance, formality, power, but also for somewhat negative emotions and events. Nevertheless, it is considered best for symbolizing authority and prestige. A brown desk will create a homey feeling for you while writing your letter, as those specific tones stand for stability and safety; brown symbolizes hearth, land, and heritage. 

Write your e-letter in sepia, grey or white paper, by choosing a type of writing which suits you best.

We have prepared several such options for you, so play a little bit with them before starting to write!

Add color to your letter! Did you know that there’s an entire science nowadays analyzing colors and their meaning and importance in our lives? With every color we use, we send a message to the people around us, whether it’s in a familiar environment, at work, in business or sports. Ever since childhood, we are all drawn to particular colors – or we reject others. So think of the color which defines you the best and choose the wax seal for your letter accordingly.

Take red, for instance. The color of fire and blood is mainly correlated with energy, power, and determination, but it also speaks of passion, desire, and love. Altogether, red sends out a sharp, intense and passionate message, disclosing a vibrant and bold personality. Due to its profound emotional meaning and visibility, we find red being used in many national flags, street signs or uniforms. Red is nevertheless the color of courage, commitment, and sacrifice.

Yellow is, as we all know it, the color of the sun. We associate it with happiness, joy and endless energy. It is also the shade that stimulates our intellect and mental activity. In ancient times, yellow used to indicate honor and loyalty, but nowadays it has become more of a “frivolous” color. In our selection, you will find a slightly paler shade of gold, mainly linked to wealth, superiority and brilliance. 

Pink is the color of romance, femininity, and friendship. It speaks about beauty transcending time; it inspires soft, delicate feelings, combining the passion we find in red with the serenity of white. The energy of red mixed with the dependability of blue has but one result: purple – the color linked to royalty, power, nobility, luxury, but also to ambition, wealth and extravagance. The same shade also symbolizes wisdom, dignity, independence, mystery, and magic.

We intend to create the ideal environment for you to master-mind your message and write it down, that is why we’ll keep adding colors to our tone map.

Tell us what your preferences are, and we will find the right colors. We consider it essential to provide the most appropriate means for you to enjoy writing your letter. Just imagine the joy and amazement of the ones you wish to surprise when they receive a beautiful “hand-written” note, printed on a sepia paper and sealed with vibrant color! 

Whether your message to the future is a letter, a gift, a confession or anything else you wish to pass on to future generations, be sincere when choosing the color to accompany it. Think of what it says about you, think about what you want it to stand for or emphasize. 

That color will be your ambassador hereafter. 


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