Why Love Is All That Matters

Why Love Is All That Matters

“Love is all that matters / Faithfull and forever / Keeping us together / Love is all we need” (Eric Carmen)


Why we love

Love is the most fantastic thing in our lives. It makes us human and gives sense to our lives. No other feeling is as powerful as love. Nothing else matters besides love. It doesn’t matter how big is your house or how large your bank account; it doesn’t matter how expensive your car is or how luxurious your lifestyle. If you don’t have love in your life, you won’t know happiness.


Love makes our world turn

Some people say that love makes the world go round, but probably it would be better to say that love makes the ride worthwhile. When we speak of love, we don’t think only of the love between two lovers, but all the other beautiful kinds of love:the love a mother and a father have for their newborn child, the love children bear for their parents or siblings,the love members of a family have for each other, the love friends develop for one another and which strengthens their relationship over time, the love you share with your life partner or the love you carry in your heart for your pets, your trustworthy companions at all times, good or bad.


Love is a profound need

We all long for the profound connection with others, for those moments of bliss, romance, trust, safety, and pure happiness brought only by love into our lives. But love is not always bliss and joy. Sometimes, love means standing by someone who’s passing through a terrible time. Love means holding the hand of a dear one who is suffering from crying over a loss or setback. Love means understanding and even taking tough decisions which may not be in our favor, but may help the ones we love.


“Sometimes we make each other cry / Sometimes we’re locked inside the prisons of our pride / Sometimes we break each other’s heart with the words we say / Let anger get in the way too many times / But always after all / Love is all that matters / After everything / One thing remains the same / One thing we cannot change”. (Love Is All That Matters – Diana Ross)

Gifts to the Future Father and Son in a field smiling

Why Love Matters

The author Sue  Gerhardt wrote a book called “Why Love Matters;” thus, she explains the importance of loving relationships for the brain development of our babies during their early years. The young interactions in the lives of the new born children can have lasting consequences for their future emotional and physical health. Based on thorough scientific research, the book has known an overall success. The modern parents need to be connected to the latest findings in genetics and terms of mind/body connection. They are genuinely interested in fully understanding their whole part in their babies’ well-being, starting not from the day they are born, but with the pregnancy itself.

Love makes us better

There’s no doubt about it: love is what makes us grow as fully developed individuals. Love helps us become good people, willing to give love to others in return. It is an essential ingredient in the cuisine of our lives. When we don’t have it, we become sad, and that sadness can make us mean, unwilling to help others, reluctant to understand the people around us, and unable to be kind and to trust other people. The presence or the lack of love has a substantial impact on our evolution through life. When we are children, we don’t realize it (although we feel it), but growing up, we begin to understand why love is all that matters.


In conclusion, let love be your guide and partner in all that you do! Don’t be afraid to show the ones around you that you love them. Don’t be scared or ashamed of your feelings, let them grow, let them fly, make your dear ones know them! Sharing your affection and care will only bring back even more love to you.

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